"A year ago, at age 4 1/2, our son was diagnosed with autism. We decided to try at least six months of natural, gentle, non-invasive treatments first, to see what would happen and how far we could get towards recovery. Very early on, through using an elimination diet, it became apparent that our son had severe, severe food allergies, and he became almost a universal reactor. He also had violent reactions to molds. With a child this sensitive, whose immune system has gone so far out of balance, it is imperitive to have the cleanest, greenest, safest environment possible. Also because, during his regressive stage, he was developing new allergies all of the time, but the things that he did not come into contact with, he generally did not become allergic to. With a child who had a severe reaction to things as benign as Romaine lettuce, we could not be too careful.

This website is the first place that I ever saw safe plastic drinking bottles. I did not think that safe plastic existed. A challenging thing has been packing the school lunches for our son this year. Through homeopathy and NAET, he can now eat many more foods than he could eat only 5 months ago, but still he never has a typical pre-schooler's lunch. I have sent him to school with glass containers, putting a sheet of the unbleached wax paper between the food and the plastic lid; and foods in the unbleached wax paper bags - but it is just not optimal to send a boy this age to school with glass containers. He gets rice or soy milk in a SIGG bottle, and it is somewhat beat up from being dropped and banged around. (And it still works great! I will continue using SIGG for milk, and plastic for water - the SIGG has an extra insulating factor. He's still allergic to juice.)

For some reason, on the day I found the safe plastic water bottles on this site, I did not find the safe plastic lunch kits - and then, wow! The next time I looked, I found them! These are so fantastic, it is PERFECT for us! Not only does it protect the environment from all of that unneccessary disposable school lunch waste, but how cool is this for a kid to open up and find a unique lunch in? The color selection was great. And it is safe enough for our son, who has had battled back from having such a severely compromised immune system, in that it is made from lead-free, non-toxic materials that are also... unbreakable!

The reason that I bought this lunch kit is that our son has done so miraculously well in his recovery that he is starting kindergarten in a new school, mid-year, on April 1st. I wanted a better lunch time solution for him than what we have been using, and a new milk bottle. A year ago, he could not even finish his pre-school, and was admitted to a special needs pre-school, which was so dismal we chose not to send him there. One person told us that we might be able to mainstream him by 6th grade, if all went well. By the end of summer, after only 5 months of a strict elimination diet and homeopathy, he could once again handle a regular pre-school beautifully in all respects, and now he has just outgrown it. His teacher kept saying, "He's very bright and he's bored," but he did/does really enjoy and interact with a lot of friends. When he spent a day on Feb. 29th in the classroom at his new school, the new teacher said that he is so bright, he will challenge her as a teacher, and she was not told in advance that he ever had autism, so that she would have no bias in her observation. She wanted to know why he was not already in kindergarten, and when I told her, she said incredulously, "He is perfectly normal! I was a social worker for eight years, I know!" She also said that he had made friends right away with "all of the boys" in the class, "and the girls," and since you don't know us, I will tell you that he has already chosen his future "special best girlfriend." He'll be 6 in May.

Our fantastic, miraculous success speaks to the need for a healthy, natural lifestyle in every respect. I am so happy to have found this website that is dedicated to finding and bringing us these kinds of items for our homes and families, and even has these great items for those of us who need the highest levels of protection. I look forward to what we'll see here in the future. Thank you, Sherry!"

- Deb, NJ