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"We purchased a Radius Pacific Rim crib and just love it! Sherry cares about her customers, and we can't thank her enough. We had initially purchased a crib somewhere else. When the crib arrived, I noticed that the crib had a strong lacquer smell. We did not feel comfortable having our baby sleep in a toxic crib, so we pushed the crib out of the nursery to air it out, and our son slept between my husband and me. 8 months later, the crib still smelled of lacquer! That is when I found At Home Naturally, and I am glad I did! Sherry is so knowledgeable and very helpful. I ordered the crib from her, and I can't wait to put my son in the crib! Pacific Rim cribs are finished with tung oil, so I know it's natural and safe!"

Thanks, Sherry!

- Gloria, CA

"The carpet was installed on Thursday and is GOREGOUS!!!!!!! All of my clients just love it. I thank you a million times for helping me out with this - it really has exceeded my hopes. I cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING you have done. I can't believe how lucky I am to have happened upon you."

Many, many thanks,

- Suzi & Jack  , Sherman Oaks, CA 

"A year ago, at age 4 1/2, our son was diagnosed with autism. We decided to try at least six months of natural, gentle, non-invasive treatments first, to see what would happen and how far we could get towards recovery. Very early on, through using an elimination diet, it became apparent that our son had severe, severe food allergies, and he became almost a universal reactor. He also had violent reactions to molds. With a child this sensitive, whose immune system has gone so far out of balance, it is imperitive to have the cleanest, greenest, safest environment..." read more

- Deb, NJ

"I did hear about you on the Martha Stewart Show today. I do not normally watch the show, however I happened to see the lunchboxes from your company and thought they were great, especially since I always feel so guilty using lots of tin foil to wrap everything. Thank you for your prompt and personal attention!! That is so rare these days in most companies. I really appreciate it , and will certainly suggest that my friends check out your website."

All the best,

- Adrienne G., Stamford, CN

"I called At Home Naturally and Sherry answered the phone, customer service was brilliant. The laptop lunch box is a must for every childs lunch. My 4.5 year old loves the compartments and how fresh everything stays. My biggest love is the AUSTIN Air Filters. My husband suffered for 5 months with severe allegies than ended up with walking phenomena, so we bought the Austin Air filter from At Home Naturally and within 2 days he had dramatically improved. It has been 10 months and his allegies only bother him when leaves the home for a couple of over nights to work. My home has never been so fresh...Thank you so much. Highly recommended."

- M. Kleeman, Sherman Oaks, CA

"We received the changing table pad and everything was in place before our son, Logan Robert, arrived at 12:12 AM, April 24. I want to thank you for providing outstanding customer service and products for me and my family."

- Andrew, Lexington, MA
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